Tranny Relationship Advice


Many people seek relationship advice when first dating a tranny. They are nervous or just wonder if it's different from other relationships. What we here at can tell you is that relationships naturally take a lot of work, it doesn't matter what kind they are. Even when you find that transgendered person of your dreams you still will need to work at making your relationship a success.


When you first make a connection with someone it is important to be honest in your communications. The more honest you are now the more it will help down the road. Nothing will sour your experience more than to have a tranny find out you were dishonest. By being honest you weed out the transsexuals who may not be looking for what you are looking for and you are more likely to connect with those that are.


When you make a connection then act on it and do everything you can to make it a meaningful experience. Most important is to have fun! That is true if your first starting out in your journey together or if you have been together for a decade. Find things you enjoy doing together and build that friendship as a core to the relationship.


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